Getting started with the all-new Adobe RoboHelp 2019 in 90 minutes

Adobe made a brave and bold move in 2018 and released an entirely new generation of RoboHelp – developed from scratch, starting with code line one. In this hands-on workshop, Stefan Gentz, Adobe’s Worldwide Technical Communication Evangelist, will introduce you to this new HAT powerhouse.

Deliver exceptional Help, policy and knowledgebase content. Create media-rich experiences using HTML5 and CSS3. Publish content as Responsive HTML5, PDF, Mobile App and much more.

In this 90-minute session you will:

– Get an introduction to the all-new user interface,
– learn how to configure RoboHelp 2019 for your needs,
– migrate an existing “RoboHelp Classic” project,
– create a new project from scratch,
– import a Microsoft Word document,
– import an Adobe FrameMaker document,
– create your first CSS3 Stylesheet with the new visual CSS designer,
– edit the XML-based HTML5 in the all-new source code editor,
– learn how to work with snippets, variables, and conditional text,
– experience the magic of the new “Responsive Authoring,”
– and finally, publish your project to Responsive HTML5.

To take full advantage of the workshop, you may want to bring your own laptop and pre-install the new RoboHelp 2019. You can download a free and fully functional 30-day trial version here:

Presented by: Stefan Gentz