OMG, it’s “Error 5”! The joy of microcopy

Microcopy are those small yet mighty clusters of words that (should) painlessly guide you through a form, app, or software product. While only bite-sized, this text has HUGE impact. Our text—whether for a mobile device or a monitor—needs to be crisp, valuable, and reflect the culture of its use. Let’s be honest, if you’re frustrated you won’t hold a product in high regard and will definitely think twice before you upgrade, renew maintenance or, very importantly, recommend.

Clear and intuitive microcopy significantly adds to user satisfaction. Our words, as UX content writers, must smoothly guide, instruct, and nudge users into action. Every UX microcopy screen presents a new and exciting challenge! So, join me and learn from real-life examples some of the dos (yeah!) and don’ts (ouch!) for producing marvellous microcopy.


Consider your voice and tone

Know your audience

Basic principles of microcopy

Putting principles into practice

Build relationships

About the Presenter: Hadas Khen

Wow, I just did the math and found I’ve been in the writing profession for over 16 years. Experience came by way of companies in diverse fields—government, medical, semiconductor, cyber security and, now, ad attribution.

Happily, in these industries, I gained experience with a wide variety of documentation types such as technical writing and knowledge-base but, on the more creative side, also sales, marketing, product marketing, and content storytelling.