Laura Novich at MEGAComm

Working Together: Zhu and the Art of Bridge Building

Laura Novich at MEGAComm

Pearl Zhu wrote:
“Silos build walls in people’s minds and create barriers in organizations’ hearts.”

The term silo mentality has been kicked around for a while now and let’s be honest. We all know that this kind of mentality, the “rosh katan” if you will, is not the way to work as a team.

As technical writers and even more so as solo writers it is hard to make sure that each team or department in the company works with you, shares with you, and even more important, includes you in the decision making process. So how do you do this? How do you stop the:
“You don’t need to know”,
“You won’t understand”,
Or “It’s not my job” And get everyone on board the “Documentation is part of Development train”?

What will you learn in this presentation:

Learn how to bring down the walls that hinder decision making and build bridges of communication and collaboration in your team or organization

Topics will include:

  • What silos are and how and why they are dangerous to a team or organization
  • How silos can destroy a company vision and be the demise of productivity and company culture
  • Methods to change this mentality in yourself and others
  • How to open paths of communication (especially with introverts)
  • How to work more collaboratively (especially with those reluctant to share)
  • What tools can help you succeed
  • and more!

About the Presenter: 

With 17 years of Technical writing experience, Laura Novich has worked at all sizes of companies from large to small working on Technical writing teams, managing them and even flying solo. Laura has been pivotal to several collaborative projects and is the recipient of Red Hat’s Exceed Award for excellence in collaboration. This is her third time speaking at MEGAComm.

Laura has a BA in Psychology and an MS in TESOL.