How to Register for MEGAComm 2023 (NIS)

On the Registration Page, select the appropriate attendance category based on employment status. If you are not sure about your employment status as it relates to MEGAComm, please see more details the Ticket Options information below.

If you have any difficulties registering for the conference, contact us at or call 058-4006640.

IMPORTANT: If you are paying by credit card, you will be asked to enter Invoice Details. You MUST enter the name exactly as you wish it to appear on the invoice (we cannot change this once you have processed the registration).

If you want to register 10 or more attendees, please contact us (email or phone above) as we have special prices for large teams.

If you wish to register attendees from other countries, please contact us.

Ticket Options

As always, the following categories are available:

  • Employee: anyone who works for a company or freelances for over 150 hours per month.
  • Groups of Employees: 5 employees or more can pay as a group.
  • tekom-Israel member bundle package: select this option and save over 100 NIS on your tekom membership – you must be an existing member. MEGAComm will renew your membership). Note this does not cover a one-time Admin fee that tekom Europe charges. Call us for details: 058-4006640
  • Freelancers: anyone registered as an independent contractor with total billable hours under 150 hours per month.
  • Unemployed: you must be completely unemployed or work under 30 hours per month).

Which ticket should you use:

Who is an employee?

Anyone employed by a company and/or anyone working more than 150 hours average per month over the last 3 months (even with freelancer status).

Who is a freelancer?

Someone who pays for the conference independently (not using a company name and not paid by a corporation account), works less than 150 hours per month, and pays for their own taxes, expenses, etc. Write to (or call 058 4006640). Ask if you have any questions.

Who is considered as unemployed?
An unemployed ticket is offered to anyone who has been unemployed for more than 3 months at registration time. If you work as a freelancer and your average over the last 3 months is under 30 hours per month, you can also register as “unemployed”. If you just lost became unemployed (especially if you are still working), please contact us before registering.