GitHub for Technical Writers: From Zero to Published Docs (Robert Kratky)

Git, repositories, commits, and branches – whether these are new terms for you, or you already know your way around Git(Hub) – come and learn how to use this platform, and what is this approach towards technical authoring.

In this workshop, we will start with an empty folder and end up with a simple system for validating our docs and an automated publishing process to get our edits to a static website. You will learn about Git, version control principles, and basics of continuous integration and delivery.

The workshop will introduce Git (and platforms like GitHub or Gitlab), plain-text documentation formats, and basic principles of decentralized version-control management. This will be followed by an introduction to continuous integration and delivery for facilitating validation testing and automated publishing.

Attendees will be guided through setting up a new GitHub repository, importing an existing piece of documentation, and configuring a CI/CD system for automated testing, building, and deployment of the docs to a website.