From Products to Experiences – And Why You are Part of the Customer Experience!

“People buy experiences, not products,” Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO, said recently at the Adobe Summit 2018.

Almost every bigger company has recognized that it is in the customer experience business. Understanding the customer journey and the brand interactions across channels and platforms and their impact on the customer experience is crucial for creating a unified CX strategy.

But it’s a complex system coming with a lot of challenges: Multiple brand touchpoints have a cumulative impact on the customer experience. Inconsistent content experiences throughout the customer journey create a fuzzy brand experience. Marketing and technical communication content silos and a cluttered IT landscape create disconnected content worlds in voice and tone, visual consistency, and unified accessibility. Understanding that technical communication plays an essential role in the customer experience is crucial for creating high-quality brand experiences.

In this presentation, Stefan Gentz, Adobe Worldwide Technical Communication Evangelist, will dive with you into the world of customer experience strategy and how to blend technical communication seamlessly into the digital experience world of today’s customers.