Hello, from MEGAComm 2022!

And we’re back!

For a sensational conference on a sensational platform!

For the 16th YEAR!

In February 2020, we lucked out – having our annual conference just two weeks before a global pandemic did what we may thought was impossible. The pandemic quickly brought the world to a halt, shut down major cities, grounded air traffic, and sent us into months and months of Work-From-Home situations.

In 2021, MEGAComm was hosted on an amazing online platform that enabled us to interact, attend live sessions and more. Speed networking sessions gave us that one-on-one quick meetup feeling, engaging chats let us “speak” to each other live, as we would if we were sitting next to each other. In the main lobby, in each session, and in the lounges and mentoring sessions, we could see and hear each other. Exhibitor booths let us contact vendors, see their videos, download their resources and arrange one-on-one meetings. 

Yes, meeting in person is a great way to meet friends, relax away from the office, and attend interesting and challenging sessions, but in 2021, we were faced with the challenge of making our 15th annual conference happen – and we did it!

But now, it’s time to try again. 

What’s happening this year…

And as we approach MEGAComm 2022, we face the same uncertainties. Should we risk an in-person event? Should we stick with the tried and tested online version?

The answer is that we are going to try for both, with a fallback to an online conference only.

  • February 8 is currently scheduled as both in-person and online. Depending on what happens with the rest of the Greek-language variants, you’ll get to pick how you participate.
  • February 9 and February 10 will take place online via the same amazing platform we used last year.

So, here are the details:

  • Attendees: Tech writers and hi-tech professionals from Israel, India, U.S, France, Netherlands, Germany and elsewhere!
  • Duration: THREE days of sessions, networking, meeting our sponsors, chatting with professionals and more.
  • In-person: Coffee and morning refreshments; hotel lunch; after conference social event).
  • Once again, a special discount is offered to all tekom Israel members who choose to renew their membership with our tekom Bundle Package (see tekom membership bundle).
  • Each day: Interactive chat during and after presentations, in the main lobby, sessions, lounges and Exhibitor booths.
  • Each day: Interactive Exhibition Hub.
  • Each day: at least one speed networking session
  • And much more…

MEGAComm 2022

It’s About Globalization and Growth
February 8th – 10th, 2022

For Technical Communicators, MARCOM Professionals, Translators & Content Managers

MEGAComm 2022 – is about challenges we face and how we defeat them, from overcoming new work conditions to mastering new concepts and applications and, as always, focusing on  tomorrow’s promises.

Great things are happening with MEGAComm. More on that soon. But for now, an exciting new way to help all technical writers attend.

We are registering attendees for MEGAComm  2022.

You can reach us by phone – Sun – Thurs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 058-4006640.

2022 Brings You:

  • A new conference formula to meet the needs of the time – fully online; all sessions recorded so you’ll have a chance to see ALL sessions for one low cost.
  • Register now and bundle your tekom membership with your conference registration to save more! Read here for conditions and more…
  • Network online with tech writers from at least FIVE different countries!

Register Now because 2022 is here, and soon the conference will be too.

Want more information? Check Out the program here.

Note: From January 15, 2022, all ticket purchases are non-refundable. No name changes or attendee substitutions can be made after January 31st.

Note that in previous years, we were able to switch names even after this date. Due to the online registration package, this will not be possible for MEGAComm 2022. For additional details and conditions, see our Important Information page.