Getting Started with API Writing

Presented by Anne Tarnoruder

With the software industry’s growing dependency on APIs, the crucial role of API documentation is becoming more and more evident to vendors and consumers alike.

Demand for API documentation writers is on the rise. However, it is also evident that this work requires a very specific set of skills, both writing and technical.

If you are a technical writer or a former developer thinking about steering your career path towards API writing, or already doing it and needing more guidance, join this mentoring session

Take Aways

  • Skillset required for documenting APIs
  • API documentation deliverables: telling a full story
  • What value tech writers bring to API documentation
  • Tips on working effectively with developers
  • OpenAPI specification and authoring tools
  • FAQ about API writing

In the second part of the session, Anne will answer your questions on the topic, so come prepared.

The session should help you make an informed decision whether you want to invest into upskilling to an API writer as well as give you practical advice how to go about it.

About the Presenter:

Anne Tarnoruder is an experienced technical communicator with a strong background in software engineering. Prior to starting her technical writing career, she held various positions in software development and architecture in various Israeli high-tech companies.

Leveraging her background, Anne is specializing in documentation for developers and APIs. This session continues her series of talks on these topics at the local and international tech communication conferences, such as MEGAComm, tekom, and ETC. Anne is the author of the book Standards and Guidelines for API Documentation published by tekom Europe.