Testing Documentation

Presented by: Chris Ward

As writers we often hope that other team and company members, or external contributors will flood us with content for our technical communication that has varying  levels of consistency and accuracy. Or maybe you’re a lone writer, and as a member of the human race, you’re not always consistent in your output.

In this presentation I show some of the wonderful tools out there to help you create more consistent and reliable content, no matter where it came from.

* Testing code examples
* Spelling and grammar checking
* Style guide checking
* Screenshot generation

I will show you how to build workflows and plugins for several popular documentation editors and CI tools and give you more free time to watch cat videos, complain about important issues, or replace yourself with a robot.

About the Presenter:

Chris is a technical communicator with a love of explaining highly technical concepts in documentation, blog posts, videos, books and more. He loves to blend developer skills with documentation to automate, test, and build for the best writer and reader experience possible. In his spare time, he writes games, interactive fiction, and fiction.