Let’s Get Technical

Presented by: Ben Mansheim


Understanding how developers and devops work and how it can help us to make docs.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Create a GitHub repository
  • Populate the repository with markdown content
  • Connect the repository to CircleCI for automated publishing
  • Create an AWS S3 website server
  • Publish your markdown content as HTML on the AWS S3 website

The future of our discipline is not about products, it’s about people – and to support their journeys, we need to use all the tools at our disposal to understand their needs, their desires, and the environments in which they operate. Technological factors – machine learning, data analysis, automation – are driving change – but at least as critical are human factors such as persona frameworks, collaboration and community management, and the importance of inclusive design. It’s the combination of these technological and human factors that will transform not only how we support and enable user journeys, but how we drive value is a business that, more than ever, is about connecting people to the experiences that move them.

About our Speaker

Ben Mansheim moved over 10 years ago from building networks to writing documentation about them, and has never looked back. Currently he serves as the documentation specialist at Redis Labs.