Technical Content and Artificial Intelligence: the Road Ahead

Presented by: Ravi Kumar Adapa, Oracle


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-driven content experiences are going to be the key factors for customer success in the future. 

As technical communicators, we must look at revisiting our content to suit the future experiences:

  •  Can AI help technical writers with better content operations, content management, customer engagement, content analytics, and content delivery?
  • Will AI transform overall product content experiences?


  • AI and TechComm
  • Will AI create content?  
  • AI across content life cycle  
  • AI and product documentation use cases
  • AI for content relevancy and personalization

About our Speaker

Ravi Kumar Adapa, a TechComm influencer from India has more than two decades of experience in content creation, content experiences, and customer success. Ravi brings future-ready ideas into technical communication such as voice interfaces, automation, and artificial intelligence.