Zen and the Art of Storytelling

Presented by: Jeff Klein, Tufin


Is producing content the entire point of storytelling? Yes, we use stories as the underpinning, the foundation, for all the content we produce. Whether it is a lengthy story (an explanation of a product feature) or even an abridged story (a single sentence fragment used as a pop-up description in our UX), we use stories to describe to our readers what they want to know or do. But is mere content the outer limits of storytelling, or can we use our storytelling skills to discover and write our own story – for our own benefit?

Join me in this presentation, and we will journey into another side of storytelling – and see how telling our own story can positively impact us well beyond “just” the content we produce. 

About our Speaker

Jeff Klein has worked in a variety of roles in hi-tech over the last 30 years, including IT, programming, software architect, QA, product management, sales engineer, technical writing, and of course, customer support. He is currently the Technical Communications Manager at Tufin.