Soft Skills that Define a Successful Tech Writer

Presented by: Rochelle Fisher, SentinelOne


We all have to manage – our time, our SME and peer relationships, our projects, and sometimes junior tech writers or temps. Let’s look at the non-technical skills – the traits that can be learned and practiced – that will lead us to be leaders in our realm. We can each develop the personality of a successful technical writer while minimizing stress and maximizing performance. 


  • The #1 secret to effective group communication.
  • How EQ translates to our daily work and how to develop it. 
  • How to raise performance and energy. 
  • Guidelines for effective SME communication, time management, and project management.
  • How to actualize wisdom from C.P. Snow, Sun Tzu, Brendon Burchard, and more.

Join me in this presentation, and we will journey into another side of storytelling – and see how telling our own story can positively impact us well beyond “just” the content we produce. 

About our Speaker

Rochelle Fisher has 15+ years of experience as a manager and 24 years as a technical writer. She is currently the team leader of technical writers at SentinelOne and the author of Alchemy of Tomes: Managing Technical Writers and Documentation Projects (free eBook download during MEGAComm!).