Role of words in the UX design process; Strategies for writing microcopy, inspired by UX design

A major UX challenge is ensuring that the user understands the product’s benefits and how to use it. The language in the UI plays a key role in promoting understanding.

At each stage of the ux design process, there are opportunities to contribute to the language of the UI. In the user research stage, we begin with understanding the user, the market, and the language they currently use to do business; As the UX designer begins conceptualizing the new product, we name the objects and what users do with them. As each wireframe of each page is finalized, we ensure that users know where they are, what they can do, and what will happen next. In this way, we bridge between where users are before beginning the journey with the product through to fulfilling their goals with an efficient, effective and pleasant experience. This talk shares some insights and strategies for improving the user experience with language (microcopy).

Presenter: Debi Parush