Increase Your Power and Effectiveness in Meetings

Presented by: Helen Gottstein, Loud and Clear Communications Training

How does your body language show your status?

How can you make a stronger impression very easily?

What can you do so you look, sound and feel like the expert you are?

If meetings are a key way to show decision makers your expertise,  capabilities and value, you want tools to deliver your ideas with greater ease, confidence and power.

This will increase your impact, gain your department more prestige and grow your career. As a TEDX mentor and established communications consultant, I can help you increase your status in meetings straight away.

About Our Presenter

Helen Gottstein, Loud and Clear Training, boosts public speaking skills for people of ambition so they get attention and reach their speaking goals. A TEDX mentor and corporate trainer, Helen brings a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion so that all can access the skills and confidence to speak up and be heard. She also laughs loudly and is tired of walking her dog.