Getting started with DITA and Adobe FrameMaker 2019 in 90 minutes

It’s often heard: DITA is difficult and expensive and “only for the big ones.” But that’s not true. Getting started with DITA can be very easy and fast and does not bust your budget at all.

In this session, Stefan Gentz, Adobe’s Worldwide Technical Communication Evangelist, will give you a kick start to DITA authoring and publishing with the new 64-bit Adobe FrameMaker with a completely modernized technology foundation. You will learn how to create your first topics and tasks, your first DITAMAP, and publish everything to PDF and Responsive HTML5.

The all-new 64-bit Adobe Framemaker (2019 release) empowers you to create rich and immersive technical content in a jiffy, using XML/DITA authoring.

To take full advantage of the workshop, you may want to bring your own laptop and pre-install the new the 64-bit version of Adobe FrameMaker 2019.

You can download a free and fully functional 30-day trial version here:

Presented by: Stefan Gentz