About the MEGAComm 2022 Platform

MEGAComm 2022 is being scheduled as a hybrid event. All three days will be available online with many networking and interactive opportunities.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Highlights (Feb 8-10)

Trust us – this platform is SO cool!

What we can tell you now is that starting several hours before the conference, you will be able to log in and:

  • Build your profile (upload a picture, contact information, even upload a video if you want).
  • Create an agenda of sessions you’d like to attend by pre-registering for them. No problem adding, removing, etc.
  • Join topic-based networking groups so that throughout the conference you can meet others.
  • Sign up for Meet-Ups (think of automated one-on-one networking, speed dating etc.). For documentation managers, imagine meeting another documentation manager for a 5 minute discussion on anything you want. In a specific industry and want to meet others?
  • Build connections by inviting other attendees to connect with you.
  • Visit the Exhibition Hub where you can request meetings, view videos, download information, and much more. Set up live streaming to chat with vendor reps and much more.