MEGAComm 2023 Update

MEGAComm 2023 is being scheduled as a truly hybrid event. Both days will be available online with many networking and interactive opportunities.

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Speakers/Presentations HERE

Wednesday and Thursday Highlights (Feb 22-23)

As an in-person attendee – plan to learn, to have fun, to network, to eat. Here are some of the amazing highlights of what you can expect to experience! Note that as an in-person attendee, you will also receive Online Credentials, enabling you all the benefits of the online experience AND all the benefits of the in-person event!

As an online attendee, see About the MEGAComm 2023 Platform.

Special Note to In-Person Attendees…

Join the online conference from the in-person conference and win prizes! That’s right – on Thursday afternoon from 15:00 onwards, stop by the Registration desk and find out what you won. The only catch – you need to go online and interact with our online attendees to win points!

In-person lets you:

  • Network and meet others in-person, live and in the moment!
  • Meet and greet our amazing guest speakers who have traveled from all over Israel, Europe and even from the States to join us.
  • Meet and greet our wonderful sponsors – ask your questions and get immediate answers, see demos.
  • Enjoy the ambiance, at long last, of an in-person event – great food, great topics, hours and hours of sitting and speaking to real people, not just a screen!
  • Enjoy a unique social gathering on Wednesday night – entertainment, shmoozing, light refreshments, some alcohol (beer and wine only), and some fun! Special announcement coming soon about the amazing guest coming to entertain and share his story.
  • As an in-person attendee, you also get all of the benefits of the online platform and share (and shape) the experiences of our colleagues from afar (see About the MEGAComm 2023 Platform). AND, get access to the recordings after the conference.
  • At the end of the conference, come to the registration tables to find out what you won! We’ve got some exciting prizes!