MVP Documentation and the Landscapes of Moscow

Presented by Paula Stern

MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is used in product development to define the product’s roadmap. What do you need to develop NOW in order to convince people that the product is worth purchasing?

What’s the minimal functionality below which they won’t use or purchase it?

How can we apply this concept to documentation? Should we apply it? How do you document an MVP product?Is it even necessary to do so?

In this presentation, we’ll explore why, in today’s Agile world, MVP is fast becoming an industry practice, and, WHAT does Moscow have to do with all of this? No, really, we are going to discuss Moscow!

Take Aways:

  • Why MVP should be applied to documentation (even when it’s painful)
  • Determining what that M (minimum) is? And what makes a document considered “viable”?
  • How does it all work? What’s different than what we’ve been doing until now?
  • Some tools (vendor neutral) for MVP
  • And more…

About Our Presenter

Paula Stern is a senior tech writer from Israel. She is the CEO of WritePoint Ltd. and the lead instructor of WritePoint’s Technical Writing Course. Paula is also the Spokesperson for tekom Israel, Conference Coordinator for MEGAComm, List Owner for Techshoret, a popular blogger and presenter.

And in her spare time, she loves to paint, play with her grandchildren and dream about all the things she would do, if only she had another 24 hours per day available to her.