Information Dynamics with iiRDS and the iiBOT

Dr Michael Fritz, Executive Director, tekom and tcworld

The paradigm of information delivery is changing from “push” to “pull”. From now on, users will just ask for the right information, at the right place, at the right time and receive what they need, on the device of their choice. The iiBOT is the proof of concept how this works with iiRDS as information delivery standard.

Michael will demonstrate how legacy documentation of a technical device was cut into convenient information pieces, tagged with iiRDS metadata by using AI and delivered to the backend of the iiBOT. With this done the user can start dynamic conversations about the product on the iiBOT.

Attendees will learn about the advantage of using standards for information processes, about the underlying technologies, understand better how a chatbot works and take away learnings from the project which was run in partnership with German industry champion Endress + Hauser. If you want to add more dynamics to your documentation you should attend.