Knowledge Experience for a PLG Strategy

Product-led Growth (PLG) is a go-to-market strategy being adopted by a growing number of SaaS companies. PLG is based on generating sales from customers using the product and succeeding with as little interaction with sales and field teams as possible.

A pillar of implementing a PLG strategy is enabling users to onboard and succeed in the product as quickly and easily as possible. This positions Knowledge Experience as a leading pillar in the overall growth and success of a company. 

This talk is for documentarians, UX writers, instructional designers, product leaders, field teams, and sales. Documentation, onboarding materials, videos, UX writing, and more are at the center of successfully implementing a PLG strategy.

It’s critical that all stakeholders in such a strategy understand what is achievable and what is beyond the scope of a Knowledge Experience team, and the importance of investing early and sufficiently in a KX team.

About the Presenter

Alex is currently the Director of Knowledge Experience at Torq

Alex has been writing, building, and leading teams for 10 years. After obtaining an MA in International Relations and directing a research institute at Reichman University he found his way into high tech.

Over the last decade, he’s worked in enterprise organizations but feels most at home in the scrappy world of cybersecurity startups.

He’s built knowledge teams from the ground up several times and is currently leading a diverse content team at Torq.