2015 Speakers and Program 2015


As in past years, we are proud to welcome international speakers who will be flying to Israel specifically to present and share in the great MEGAComm experience.

We also highlight Israel’s local talent who come to share their expertise and experience with you.

Kaspar Szymanski

This year’s keynote speaker is Kasper Szymanski. We are very happy to have Kaspar join us because he does not work for Google – but he used to! Now that Kaspar is no longer under the restrictions of Google employees, he can answer your questions about how Google works from the inside out.

Today Kaspar is a founding member of Search Brothers and well-known Google Search expert specializing in recovering websites from Google penalties and helping websites improve their organic visibility with SEO Consulting. Before founding SearchBrothers.com, Kaspar was working for over seven years for the Google Search Quality team where he became the driving force behind global web spam tackling initiatives and the public face for Google Search spearheading webmaster outreach and communication efforts.

We’re busy scheduling the most amazing presentations this year…we hope to get this to you soon. In the meantime, here’s a pretty decent list of what we’ve scheduled so far.

The conference is organised in three tracks, (Technical Communications, Marketing & User-Focused Content), but feel free to go to whatever interests you.

2016 Presentations

Caveat: Things are moving quickly so this list is currently tentative!

Technical Communication Track:

The Great Escape – 10 Stratagems to shoot your content into the future


Stefan Gentz, Adobe Global TechComm Evangelist

Producing and publishing content for a global market has never been easier. However, most companies still fail in getting it right. Some just dive into “doing something” and create unconnected island solutions. Others just use underpowered tools actually lowering their productivity. Some just don’t “write right”, others just never got “this translation thing” right. Some want to “think big” and spend 6-digit numbers for a promising solution and end up drowning in incredibly complex ecosystems. Others just replace one content silo with the next.

Stefan will offer ten stratagems for shooting your content production and publishing into the future. You will learn how to set up a requirement analysis properly, how to involve all content producers in your company and get the right people into the situation room. You will get a clear view of how to deduce a realistic strategy that actually fits for your needs and those of your customers. You will learn how to select the  best formats and tools for content production, understand how to create global ready content and how to create, manage, translate and deliver your content faster than ever before. There are no unreachable goals — just weak strategies and underpowered tools.

What a Way to Wiki! A use case for end-user documentation in Wiki

Sara Kamen

Sara Kamen, BMC


Benjie Wolicki

Benjie Wolicki, BMC



Michael Taslitz, BMC

Yechezkel Schatz

Yechezkel Schatz, BMC


Members of BMC Software’s information development team show the considerations, implementation, and pros and cons of documenting for end users in a wiki environment. Hear firsthand from writers that helped transition and implement, and continue to write in wiki. You should attend our presentation if you are documentation manager, technical communicator, or interested in a different documentation process and delivery format. This session offers a great opportunity to learn about is a creative and flexible way to document, deliver, and update end-user documentation. Come…learn…ask!

Stop Being a Technical Writer and Start Being an Interface Designer

Yehuda Berlinger

Yehuda Berlinger

Senior Technical Editor

As a good technical writer, you work in tandem with product development to make the customer’s experience as painless as possible. As such, you must represent the customer to ensure that the product is simpler, thus requiring less documentation. If you’re really good at your job, you can eliminate the need for it altogether. Then what?

Beyond Clarity: Do Writers and Readers Define Documentation Quality Differently?

Yoel Strimling

Yoel Strimling

Senior Technical Editor/Documentation Quality SME, CEVA-DSP

The purpose of this presentation is to present a narrow, comprehensive, and empirically based set of distinct, reader-oriented information quality dimensions that can be used to create a robust “documentation quality” model;  demonstrate how I used these dimensions to determine and compare how writers and readers actually define “documentation quality”; show you what the differences are and what can be done to bridge any gaps.

Trends, and Their Implications and Opportunities for New User Experiences in Technical Writing

Eran Kolber


Eran Kolber

Director – Training & Services , OnTarget Communications

The change in the IT world is not only about technological change, it’s also about changing demographics (Millennials are nudging the 50% proportion of the global workforce, and Generation “α” is upon us). IT vendors are working hard at creating new User Experiences.

This talk will look at some of these trends, and the implications/opportunities for those involved in Technical Writing:

  • MPC (More Personal Computing)
  • NUI (Natural User Interfaces)
  • How MPC & NUI leverage the Cloudization of IT
  • Surface & Surface Hub – Universal Interfaces, Immersive Interfaces, LSX (Large Screen eXperience)
  • Universal Windows Application Framework
  • Miracast – “Casting the UI”
  • Windows Hello (in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile)
  • Cloud services – The “anywhere/anytime/any device” paradigm
  • Machine Learning – Delve and OfficeGraph
  • A brief look at how Office 2016 leverages the above
  • Microsoft Office Sway and Office MIX

The Self Discipline of Technical Writing – Making It Happen!

Barbara Sher, Senior Technical Writer – DocuStar

This lecture will describe the self-discipline needed for technical writing, methodologies for implementing self-control and the benefits of doing so. In addition, I will provide various techniques for successfully achieving results.

Documentation Standardization: What’s happening around the world (and what does it mean for Israeli tech writers)?

Dr. Michael Fritz

Panel Discussion: Are We in the End of Days?

Moderator: Ezriel Yellin
Panelists: Dr. Michael Fritz, Stefan Gentz, Miriam Lottner

From tablets of stone to the physically printed manual and online help, technical writing has changed a lot over the years. Today, with more people moving towards other forms of documentation, is there any future for us? What do we have to do to prepare ourselves for the uncertain future? As a good technical writer, you work in tandem with product development to make the customer’s experience as painless as possible. As such, you must represent the customer to ensure that the product is simpler, thus requiring less documentation. If you’re really good at your job, you can eliminate the need for it altogether. Then what?


Panel Discussion: Has Personalized Search Results, Contextual Search and Social Search Killed SEO?

With panelists knowledgeable in search engines, search tools and SEO methods, we explore the future of optimizing sites to be well ranked given the changes in SEO, among them:

  • No exact keywords
  • Backlink penalties
  • Conversational search from smartphones
  • Personalized search results


Kasper Szymanski
Founder, SearchBrothers.com; Former Google Search Quality Expert

Teresa Hessler

Teresa Hessler
Chief Marketing Officer, RankRanger

Mark Ginsberg

Mark Ginsberg
Chief Marketing Officer at BEYOND Stores; Founder/CEO of DriveHill Media


Moderator: Charlie Kalech
Director, J-Town Internet Services Ltd.

User Generated Content – Turning your Clients Into Your Brand Ambassadors


Mordecai Holtz
Co-CEO Blue Thread Marketing

Hadassah Levy

Hadassah Levy
Digital Marketer, i-Point Media Group

User-generated content gives consumers a voice and can help maximize sales revenue, while also building brand affinity and trust.

Tired of struggling to crank out the endless streams of content needed to appease today’s consumers? You’re in luck! There is an option for companies looking to refresh their content and the power of social media.

How can modern businesses empower, inspire and delegate some of these brand-building responsibilities to the most unlikely voice — their customer.

There’s never been a better time to start using user generated content to engage your customers.

But how can a company start with such a campaign?

      • How does a company identify the right ambassadors?
      • What about native content?
      • Where does UGC fit into the classic marketing mix?
      • How can social media be used to not only identify the right people but also reach out and engage them?

Gag Me! When Content Meets Politics

Sara Halevi

Sara Halevi
Director of Marketing, Energiya Global

In her role as Director of Communications for an international solar energy developer, Sara tangles with various political forces including governments, DFIs (Development Finance Institutions), NGOs, commercial entities and investors. In this presentation she will share her insights into the powers that influence content from the top down and share how we can leverage conflicting tensions to strengthen our messaging.

Getting The Right Message To The Right People


Charlie Kalech
Director, J-Town Internet Services Ltd.
      • Information Overload
      • Instant Gratification
      • ADHD
      • 24/7/365 Connectivity
      • Broadband
      • Smartphones

We are inundated with information, bombarded with ads and assaulted by multimedia.

As marketers, it is time to take a step back and reexamine how to get the right message to the right people. In this session, we will learn methods to present your information to qualified potential customers in a way that is informative and helpful, leading to better relationships and engagement.

Funnels, Conversions and Optimization (Oh My!)

Ben Shaffer

Ben Shaffer, CEO Shaffer Enterprises and Marketing Ltd.

Almost everyone has problems getting traffic to their website or attracting clients. The problem is NOT that customers aren’t out there needing your widgets. The problem is that you aren’t able to spend enough money to get them. By optimizing your marketing methods and spend, you will never have a problem of attracting clients again.

Panel Discussion: Social Media Hotseat

social media hotseat Even the so-called social media experts among us need help. We often post questions to Facebook or LinkedIn groups looking for a solution to a quandary we have come across. This panel is the live version of those groups. Come ask your questions, bring us your queries and problems; be they technical, ethical, strategic or practical. Our community is here to help!

Laura Ben David

Laura Ben David
Director of Marketing and New Media, Shavei Israel

Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore
Director of PR & Communications, Blue Thread Marketing, and Founder/Co-Owner, Hub Etzion

Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Sarah Tuttle-Singer
New Media Editor, Times of Israel

Yoni Wiseman

Yoni Wiseman
Co-Founder & CMO, Woxxer

Aaron Zakowski

Aaron Zakowski, CEO Zammo Digital Marketing

Benji Lovitt

Moderator: Benji Lovitt

User-Focused Content

Building Customer Loyalty with User Content

Customer Stories in Technical Writing

Big Data — what is it, and what does it mean for your company…and you

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