An Ode to Lists, The Ultimate Organizer

Presented by Saul Carliner

Lists have always played a central role in the communicator’s toolkit. Even the Ten Commandments are a list. We communicators often lists without thinking about them. This session provides an opportunity to reflect on everything you never thought about when using lists, such as:

  • When are lists useful?
  • How do they facilitate reading and learning?
  • What makes a great list item?
  • What makes a great lead-in?
  • What do you say to anti-listers?
  • And when should you avoid lists?  


  • Gain a new appreciation for the important role of lists in professional communication.
  • Describe how lists facilitate reading and comprehension.
  • Gain new skills in effectively using lists.

About Our Presenter

Saul Carliner is a Professor of Educational Technology at Concordia University. Also an industry consultant, he conducts analyses, evaluations, and workshops for clients around the globe. His books include the recent Career Anxiety, the best-selling Training Design Basics, and the award-winning Informal Learning Basics. He is president of the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education and a Fellow, past president of Ometz—an integrated human services agency in Montreal—and past president of the Society for Technical Communication. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Minnesota, and Georgia State University.