Attendee Comments

The conference was wonderful: organized, interesting, full of wonderful presentations and great networking opportunities. Being with other writers, communicators, and knowledge managers made me feel that there is truly a network of support out there. I left feeling inspired and with a new sense of positive drive.

Anna Aleksandrowicz
Senior Knowledge Manager

One of the things I really liked about this years MEGAComm were the panel discussions. I think they helped me broaden my knowledge base in many ways. I also really liked the activity in the opening ceremony. It was fun and made us meet new people out of the gate.I also think that having it two days is a bit much. Granted that one day is intense but I don’t think people coming in from the north or south would spend two days. I also think that companies are not willing to pay for their employees to stay in a hotel overnight for a conference. I liked having the four session choice. It gave variety and enabled me to choose from subjects that I would normally avoid.

All the best,
Adam Schnall
Tech Writer



The MEGAComm 2013 conference had it all for technical communication professionals: engaging thought leadership presentations by experts, discussions on future trends and industry best practices, and plenty of opportunity for networking with peers. Adobe is happy to be associated with MEGAComm.

Saibal Bhattacharjee
Adobe Technical Communication

Social media is here to stay. We need to figure out the best ways to integrate tech-comms into it. Seems like the marketing people are way out ahead of the curve on this one compared to us techies. Hadassah Levy’s presentation was a real eye-opener on all the ways to zero in on your target audience.

Yisrael Woolf
Senior Tech Writer

This was my first MEGAComm and I wish I had attended all of them. The speakers, the content, the networking and the energy made for a fantastic event that went by all too quickly. Dave Carroll is a gem whose words and music I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to next year’s MEGAComm!

Laura Ben David

The conference was extremely well-run and very enjoyable. Kudos to Paula and co for their hard work.

Sarah Kaye
Senior Technical Communicator

I’ve been in the profession for around 25 years and attended a fair share of these “days off”. This time around it really was an event not to be missed with a number of excellent presentations, so I didn’t just meet up with old friends but actually learned something. Standouts were Dave Carroll (an inspired choice) who I thought was a great keynote speaker and relevant (consider audience and use of social media to name just two points to take from it). Also Rick’s screen cast presentation and Rayne’s thought-provoking presentation were great. In short – well done for a great conference..

Julian Weiss
Documentation Manager