Marketing, Technical Communication, Trust, and Truth

Presented by: Ray Gallon, The Transformation Society


In an uncertain and rapidly changing world, it’s easy to point fingers at politicians, scientists and other experts for failure to come clean, for conflicting, confusing messages, etc. But the fault most likely lies with us, the people who create and manage information.  We are on the crest of a wave of mistrust generated by our professions.

If all our products are the “best,” the word “best” loses its meaning. When politicians make promises they never intend to keep, they shouldn’t be surprised that nobody takes them seriously any more. When companies that have manipulated funds and committed fraud talk about “digital humanism,” people become skeptical. 

This presentation looks at the failure of the information professions to raise consciousness, in the age of digital social platforms where ideas circulate without mediation. How can we contribute to slowing the spread of false information, and to restoring social contract?

About our Speaker

Ray Gallon is president of The Transformation Society and the Information 4.0 Consortium. He is the author of books and articles about technical communication, instructional design, content strategy, and emerging technologies, and a speaker on communications throughout the world.