2021 Program

Like much of 2021, we’re starting off a bit tentatively but with much anticipation and hope. So, step 1, here’s a list of the sessions that we’ve been discussing and/or presentations that have already been accepted and schedule. We hope to have the actual program uploaded in full by the end of January, so come back often to watch our progress. Already we have begun uploading speakers and sessions. Soon, we will start onboarding attendees. This way, hours before the conference begins, you’ll be able to customize your profile, pre-register for sessions and networking meet-ups, and a lot more. To learn more about our exciting online conference venue, keep an eye on this page: About the MEGAComm 2021 Platform

There will be any problem switching, but we’ll update you as we go. Some sessions will have limited “seating” because they are designed for a more “intimate” atmosphere and more interactivity.

Session List for 2021 (Tentative)

Session Details for 2021

Note that the table below is changing quickly as we add more and more sessions. In some cases, we’ve confirmed the presenters and are awaiting their session details.

Session TitleDescriptionPresenter
The Dynamics of Cognition, Usability and Design: Examining the Psychology of Usability in Different Design Contexts Coming soon Kirk St.Amant
To be announced To be announced Ravi Kumar Adapa
Let’s Get Technical Understanding how developers and devops work and how it can help us to make docs.
In this session you will learn how to:
– Create a GitHub repository
– Populate the repository with markdown content
– Connect the repository to CircleCI for automated publishing
– Create an AWS S3 website server
– Publish your markdown content as HTML on the AWS S3 website
Ben Mansheim