Understanding the Agile PLM System: What Happens Inside that Black Box?

About this Presentation:

Agile Product Lifecycle Management, or PLM, is a database system that tracks every detail about a product during its entire lifecycle, including what it is made of, what changes it undergoes, and who approved it. Use of Agile or a similar system is mandatory for medical equipment or devices requiring approval of FDA or other bodies. If you work in an environment that uses Agile, you know that all documentation has to be “uploaded to Agile”, but you may not understand how it works, since many highly technical and intelligent people think of Agile as a “black box” best left alone. This session will examine how Agile works, what types of information it stores, what happens to your documentation from the time you submit it until you can use it, and how Agile can help you find the information you need.

What will this session give you?

This session is not intended as a tutorial in Agile, but will provide an understanding of how Agile is used to document information about products and what happens during the process. This will enable you to:

  • produce documentation in a way that will be approved more easily
  • understand the process and experience less frustration
  • find information that they need easily
  • feel comfortable with Agile so they can learn to use it more quickly if the opportunity arises.

Presenter: Leah Kuber, R&D Technical Writer at Medtronic in Jerusalem.