Standardizing API Documentation

Creating professional API documentation can be a challenge. It is often written by developers who don’t have enough resources and professional writing skills. On the other hand, professional technical writers do not always have the special knowledge and skills required for these topics.

In her recently published book Anne Tarnoruder offered a valuable source of guidance and education for both technical writers and developers who produce API documentation. Covering the major programming API languages and technologies, such as Java, JavaScript, MS.NET, REST and OData, and based on the widely adopted industry standards, these guidelines serve as a vast source of knowledge about API documentation.

In this session, Anne will focus on the areas of most interest, such as documenting REST APIs with the OpenAPI specification, API naming guidelines, and best practices of collaboration between technical writers and developers.

About the Presenter: Anne Tarnoruder is an experienced technical communicator with a strong background in software engineering. Prior to starting her technical writing career in 2004, she held various positions of a software developer, team lead and system architect in Israeli high-tech companies.

Leveraging her background, Anne is focusing on documentation for developers, APIs and SDKs. She is a frequent speaker at the local and international tech communication conferences (MEGAComm, tekom) on API-related topics.
Anne holds a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics.