Rethink your Screenshots and Tutorials with Simplified User Interface Graphics

Why not just skip the screenshots and avoid the videos when it comes to user documents? After all, they are time consuming to create, and the pace of software updates makes it difficult to keep these visuals current and localized. How can we face these challenges without having to sacrifice the inclusion of screenshots and videos in our onboarding, documentation, and training content?

In this session, we will first share new, original research that quantifies the importance of visuals in documentation. We will then introduce you to a screenshot design treatment we call Simplified User Interface (SUI). SUI allows you to strip away unnecessary and distracting aspects in your screenshots. These cleaner versions are easier for the user to follow, can be used across multiple versions of a software, and even simplify localisation efforts.

Come and learn what SUI graphics and videos are, see real examples of their use and benefits, and let us show you how to create these simplified images and videos yourself.

Presenters: Anton Bollen (Customer & Market Strategist) & Daniel Foster (Strategy Manager for Snagit)