Freelance Directory

Once again, we are offering our many freelance technical writers and MARCOM professionals an opportunity to be listed in our Freelance Directory. This will be printed in the MEGAMag 2015 Conference magazine and distributed online globally. And, for the first time, we will also be displaying our Freelance Directory live from some of the flat screen display panels at Cinema City.

There are two listing options:

  • Business card entry – 125 NIS (10 per A4 page) – for attendees only
  • Business card entry – 250 NIS (10 per A4 page) – for those not attending
  • Single line entry (name and one other detail such as website, phone or email address) – 75 NIS

The Freelance Directory listing is currently only available to conference attendees. If you are not attending but wish to be listed, please write to to be added to the directory – you will be given instructions on how to join the list.