Who Is Behind This?

Who’s Behind The Conference?

MEGAComm is an amazing annual conference that takes place in late February/early March in Israel. It is attended by hundreds of hi-tech professionals from all over Israel and most years, we are honored at participants from several countries (from Europe, the US, Canada, and India). But who is behind the conference? First and foremost, each year we have been honored to have as loyal a group of sponsors as we have attendees.



The conference would not be possible without the combined team efforts of Paula Stern and her team at WritePoint Ltd. and Charlie Kalech and his team at J-Town Internet Services.

WritePoint is one of Israel’s leaders in documentation and training, while J-Town is Jerusalem’s senior digital marketing agency. WritePoint and J-Town are both industry pioneers whose tenure and experience date back to the 1990s. These two companies are jointly responsible for organizing MEGAComm and all conference logistics. We are also grateful for the assistance of a committee of volunteers, headed primarily by the Techshoret moderators: Ezriel Yellin, Cara Levy, and Paula Stern.

In addition, we are grateful for several sponsors who have recognized the importance of MEGAComm and the value of the hi-tech community in Israel. Some are directly involved in meeting the needs of this community, others work in the background to promote it.


If you’d like to sponsor MEGAComm and show your support for this tremendous effort, please contact: info@megacomm.org.

Note: The MEGAComm site is maintained as a joint effort between WritePoint Ltd. and J-Town Internet Services for the purpose of informing and promoting the annual MEGAComm conference. All sponsor names, products and logos appear with permission only.